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Ron Carter (Birmingham 1999)

Different, by Jonathan Evans, is an exciting new youth Bible Study recently added to RightNow Media. Evans is a noted author and speaker. Currently, he serves as chaplain of the Dallas Cowboys. In this four-part video series, Evans addresses many of the contemporary issues facing youth today, which in far too many cases, negatively impacts their personal identity. He accomplishes this task by walking ā€œstudents through the parables in Luke to teach what it looks like for God to rule our lives.ā€Ā 

Each session in the series is approximately 20 minutes long and comes with a downloadable study guide as well as handouts. Session titles are as follows: (1) Different Foundations, (2) Different Identity, (3) Different Heart, and (4) Different Lifestyles.

Perhaps the youth in your ministry are struggling with identity-related issues. In other words, struggling with being different. If so, I highly recommend this timely new resource.

Access Different on RightNow Media.

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