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Those who attended UWYI 2017 also had the oppotunity to see a screening of the film Victor . Now everyone has the opportunity to see the redemption story of Victor Torres. Check out the review from our friends at UYWI... Read more
When Kim Kossie-McKee entered the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative (DVULI) in 2005, she had been a youth pastor for 15 years and was also serving as the Community Relations Director at a local Christian radio station... Read more
It’s our constant companion. It’s typically right beside us when we go to sleep at night, and right there to greet us every morning. It even accompanies us to the restroom. This constant companion is none other than our... Read more
*/ We are all unique creations of God with differing life stories. In the same way that no two snowflakes are exactly the same, our individual lives are extraordinarily unique. The question is, how cognizant are you of... Read more
*/ When searching the Internet for youth ministry resources, anything truly free can be hard to find. Many sites may have “free resources” but require purchasing something else, attending a conference, or signing up for... Read more
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