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Cornelius Williams (Atlanta 2014) had himself fooled. He juggled his ministry, part-time work at a church, and taking classes at Richmont Graduate University, which added to his responsibilities at home as a husband and... Read more
LaTonya Gates (Atlanta 2019) admits she became weary of people who only prayed for issues in the Grove Park community but were not willing to offer any tangible assistance. For years, this beloved community, with a... Read more
Recovering from Racism: City Ministry in a “Post-Racial” America is a story about how Larry Lloyd (Memphis 2002), a privileged white evangelical, grew to love his city, particularly the city that many don’t want to see... Read more
In Pasadena, California, three DVULI alumni work at Stars, a nonprofit organization that equips youth to pursue a meaningful life of service. In the wake of the coronavirus, team members Curt Gibson (Los Angeles 2005),... Read more
With COVID-19 changing our world, many youth workers have been scrambling for resources to help us adjust to the new normal of transforming the work that we do to online platforms. Fortunately, the Urban Youth Workers... Read more
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