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Dare to Lead connects with leaders across industry and challenges each of us to face the difficulty of our working life with humor and grit. Brené Brown helps leaders engage from a brave, vulnerable, and authentic place... Read more
Recently, select DVULI staff and facilitators attended workshops to enhance their understanding of content delivered in two key DVULI training modules. In July, Ron Carter (Birmingham 1999) and Peter O'Donnell attended... Read more
The DVULI staff welcomes Ruth Castillo (Dallas 2015) to our team of liaisons. Ruth has been assigned to alumni relations and local follow-up efforts across Texas—Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Ruth has served in... Read more
When I was younger, a salesman managed to sell my parents a New Standard Encyclopedia—17 heavy volumes dressed in red and black hardcovers with gold lettering. My parents saw value in the wealth of information found in... Read more
Are you equipping and training youth to be resilient in the face of trauma? Resilience is not a trait youth have or do not have, but behaviors, thoughts, and actions that can be learned and developed. Building... Read more
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