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Most of you know you cannot walk away from a DeVos event unchanged. In 2016, I attended the DeVos Reunion in Pittsburgh and my life and ministry were drastically shaken by the stellar resources offered to alumni. The... Read more
Christian women in leadership. I have found that this is not a common topic in the world of leadership resources! My goal for recommending this resource is to share something that encouraged others who are like me – a... Read more
“You’re not going to eat ALL of that bacon, you can only eat half of it!” Those were the words of Ron Carter (DVULI staff member) who spoke to me with authority, and not a hint of a smile on his face, during breakfast... Read more
Reunion 2019 Contest Details Below are nearly* all the facts you'll need to enter the Reunion 2019 Contest. (*It wouldn't be a contest if we didn't make it a little challenging, right?) Who: All DVULI alumni What: The... Read more
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