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Q: Where were you in ministry when you entered the DeVos Initiative? A: I was a Pastor of the Urban Vineyard Church, which is a church in the north part of the city of Chicago in the Logan Square area. Q: Can you... Read more
Angela Reeves (Chicago 2002) was the Area Director of Young Life in Cabrini Green on the north side of Chicago, and the Children’s Church Director at her home church when she began the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative... Read more
The opinions expressed in the video are not the opinions of the DeVos Urban Leadership. Millennials in the Workplace An interview with Simon Sinek by Inside Quest Millennials are often accused of being tough to manage,... Read more
After a year of talking about moving forward, the 2016 Think Tank shares key actions steps they’re taking in 2017 to put their words to work. Click, listen, and be inspired. Danny Lopez (Chicago 2002) " I have a 9 point... Read more
“We’re such a fragile and emotional generation.” These words by 18 year-old Alison Heyland appeared in the November 7, 2016 Time magazine cover article “Anxiety, Depression and the American Adolescent.” Written by... Read more
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