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Over seven years ago, I wrote my breakthrough plan. In it, I committed to keeping a journal each day. When I discovered the Day One Journal app, I have not stopped using it to journal daily. The app allows you to attach... Read more
In 2011, when I started going through the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative in Tacoma, I was working two jobs that required leading two ministry partnerships. Both positions meant being responsible for leading a late-... Read more
Different , by Jonathan Evans, is an exciting new youth Bible Study recently added to RightNow Media. Evans is a noted author and speaker. Currently, he serves as chaplain of the Dallas Cowboys. In this four-part video... Read more
Do you remember your DISC profile? Are you a “D” whose dominance style pushes for results? Are you a “C” whose conscientious style makes sure the checklist is complete? Or maybe your style can be described as... Read more
Most of you will remember a dear friend of DVULI, Pastor Gordon MacDonald. Pastor MacDonald has spoken to every class of the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative since our pilot year in 1998. Each year when we invite him... Read more
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