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Pack much? Emotional baggage, who isn’t carrying at least one fanny pack? Collecting baggage from media, pop culture, and other people, including peers, pastors, and even parents, comes with life. These sources of... Read more
Does raising resources ring a bell this time of year, or does that bell resound all year long? Many DVULI alumni found the fourth local workshop, “Resource Networking,” offered tremendous guidance on raising strategic,... Read more
The DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative staff welcomes Misael Guzman (Newark 2014) to our team of liaisons. Misael will support alumni relations and local follow up efforts in the New York City and in the Newark, New... Read more
Imagine if every child born in the church had stayed in the church. What kind of church would you be leading today? Why is this not our current reality? These are the questions Lucas Leys answers in his book, Liderazgo... Read more
Anyone privileged to cross the path of Rich DeVos most likely left the encounter feeling uplifted, inspired, or highly motivated. Rich DeVos was the consummate cheerleader and never missed an opportunity to affirm the... Read more
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