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Anyone privileged to cross the path of Rich DeVos most likely left the encounter feeling uplifted, inspired, or highly motivated. Rich DeVos was the consummate cheerleader and never missed an opportunity to affirm the... Read more
As I sat in a restaurant with a mentor one morning, he challenged me to take responsibility for growing the habits of a life-long learner. He asked, “Young people will ‘drink’ out of your life. Do you want them to drink... Read more
Lemule Pulley (Denver 2012) entered the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative (DVULI) having served in youth ministry for more than 10 years. At that time, he was pouring everything into his ministry work at Colorado UpLift... Read more
Do you remember Randall Jones - the minister from the Scenario Planning Local Workshop? "Randall is a 39-year-old youth ministry veteran, heading up the neighborhood recreation outreach department of a medium-sized... Read more
Most of you know you cannot walk away from a DeVos event unchanged. In 2016, I attended the DeVos Reunion in Pittsburgh and my life and ministry were drastically shaken by the stellar resources offered to alumni. The... Read more
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