15/11/2013 by
Gerald Bell

We are welcoming Cynthia Burton (San Diego 2000) to the lineup of city Liaisons. Cynthia is assigned to Fresno, Los Angeles and San Diego. In her role as liaison, Cynthia will provide direction for proposed follow up efforts, have annual contact with alumni and develop new cohorts when appropriate. Cynthia’s work spans her previous roles as a DVULI Core Values presenter at the First National Conference, a coach for Minneapolis’ second round and is currently a Leading for Life certified trainer.

Cynthia said she looks forward to celebrating on a constant basis the dynamic people who are building up the Kingdom in her liaison cities. “This is great opportunity to keep the fire burning around the work that is already being done,” she said. “I hope to see the investment of DeVos family make a greater impact in these communities.”

An answer to prayers, Cynthia said of this opportunity, “Every time I prayed about what more God would have me to do in His Kingdom I would always say, ‘and it would sure be nice if I could work for DeVos.’” Cynthia has already toured her three cities, met with Los Angeles and San Diego alumni, and was part of the 2014 cohort selection panel in Fresno.

Totally excited about this new phase in her journey Cynthia says, “Finally I get to see God working in my life in a way that I’ve asked Him to for years and years.”

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