13/7/2017 by
Ron Carter

We live in the era of the 24-hour news cycle. News comes at us any time of the day from a myriad of platforms. This convenience to the headlines has its benefits, but it can also have its drawbacks.

During Lent this year I gave up watching the news. I did this because personally, I have experienced heightened levels of anxiety, agitation, and at times fear from news consumption. Currently, I watch the news on a very limited basis. Yet when doing so, I follow four simple, yet profound principles recommended by Pastor Scott Slayton in a recent blog post called Watching the News Like a Christian. Slayton is a graduate of Southern Baptist Seminary and serves as Lead Pastor of Chelsea Village Baptist Church, in a community south of Birmingham, Alabama. Before you dismiss the idea of Watching the News Like a Christian as being nonsensical, at least read the post and then decide whether the time you spend viewing the news is helpful or hurtful.  



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