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Ron Carter

Many of you have desired to attend Bible College or Seminary but to date have not done so. Perhaps it’s because you’ve found it cost prohibitive, or maybe there isn’t a school in close proximity to you. You’ve even explored other options, but you haven’t found one that you consider satisfactory. It could be that you have never heard of Third Millennium Ministries.

Envisioned by Janie Pillow, Third Millennium Ministries was launched in 1997 to equip Christian leaders around the world in their own countries. Third Millennium Ministries accomplishes this vision by providing a free, multimedia (graphic-driven videos, printed materials, and internet resources) seminary curriculum in five major languages (English, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Spanish. The lessons can be used in school settings but are also adequate for individualsand small groups.

Courses currently being offered include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The Apostle’s Creed
  • Building your Theology
  • Foundations of Scripture Interpretation
  • The Gospels
  • Acts
  • Paul’s Prison Epistles
  • and Making Biblical Decisions.

A friend recommended Third Millennium Ministries to me several years ago, and now I recommend it to you. Click hereand spend some time checking out this awesome resource that could fulfill your Bible College or Seminary aspirations.



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