27/3/2017 by
Carlo Daniels

When searching the Internet for youth ministry resources, anything truly free can be hard to find. Many sites may have “free resources” but require purchasing something else, attending a conference, or signing up for a membership to acquire them. The faith-based website, The Source for Youth Ministry has loads of free resources for youth workers with no strings attached.


The Source for Youth Ministry offers a variety of items such as free training tools, research articles about youth culture, and organizational documents to assist with administrative needs. The website also offers ideas for event activities and games, faith-based discussions about current music, and movie reviews to help determine if its content is appropriate for youth. In all, the site has a wealth of resources to explore and you’ll likely find something interesting that applies to you and your ministry context. Additionally, you should check out The Source for Parents, a sister site tailored specifically to offer free resources for parents. The website was developed by Jonathan McKee who is the author of several books related to youth culture and parenting.


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