25/3/2019 by
Rachel Weaver

Discover the missional architecture that is taking hundreds of churches to a new level of effectiveness and growth. Pastors and pastoral couples will explore working with the next generation to ensure greater effectiveness in the spiritual formation and discipleship of children, pre-teens, teens, and young adults! Spanish-speaking only conference.

Presented by e625, in partnership with DVULI.
Registration includes dinner and a book.
Limited availability.

Register to reserve your seat: https://e625.com/guest/

Liderazgo Generacional
March 29 | Jersey City, NJ
March 30 | New York, NY
April 1 | Phoenix, AZ
April 8 | Houston, TX
April 9 | Brownsville, TX
April 10 | McAllen, TX
May 6 | Chicago, IL

May 14 | Miami, FL
August 27 | Fort Worth, TX

November 9 | Cincinnati, OH
November 12 | San Diego, CA
November 13 | Los Angeles, CA

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