29/1/2018 by
Ron Carter


As urban leaders, we often grapple with how to address the pain and suffering we see in our communities. 

When Jeremiah penned the words, “Seek the Welfare of the City” (Jeremiah 29:7), he was not talking about his beloved Jerusalem. Instead, he was talking about Babylon, the dreaded city into which many of his fellow Jews had been taken into exile.

Obviously, our life situations are distinct from those exiled Jews. But I believe we too can “Seek the Welfare” of the cities we live in if we’re willing to also grapple with the question, “Is there more we can do beyond praying?”

In an exclusive RightNow Media 3-part video course called Seek the Welfare of Your City, Bryan Carter, Senior Pastor of Concord Baptist Church in Dallas, provides a framework for how to discover the needs of our communities and then developing a vision for effectively engaging them.

This course should help move us leaders from passion to action if you are compelled to truly seek the welfare of your city.

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