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Phil Abeyta

Do you remember Randall Jones - the minister from the Scenario Planning Local Workshop? "Randall is a 39-year-old youth ministry veteran, heading up the neighborhood recreation outreach department of a medium-sized urban para-church ministry. Like so many others, his ministry is a demanding 24-7 commitment and sometimes finding a workable balance between ministry and family life is a real struggle. Lately, Randall’s main concern has been his deteriorating relationship with his 14-year-old daughter.” (Taken from DVULI’s Scenario Planning workbook)

You may also remember the fun you had (at Randall’s expense) turning Randall’s driving forces into wicked questions, then acting out the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly scenarios.  As a coach, I witnessed many scenarios turn into something like a Jerry Springer episode! The reality we all face is that ministry can leave even the strongest wondering if the work we put in is worth it.

Quiet Waters Ministries (QWM) is a comprehensive ministry focused on the spiritual, emotional and physical health of the Christian leader. They are dedicated to facilitating and encouraging transformational change at the core of the Christian leader’s life. It is their ministry’s call and desire to see men and women strengthened in their families, work, leisure and all their relationships. QWM offers five types of Leadership Intensives: Coaching Counseling, Sabbatical Kick-off, Family Enrichment and Formation Intensives. These are fee-based training sessions. 

Another exciting component of QWM’s ministry is their partnership with Wyndham Worldwide Corp to offer “Worldwide Vacation Stays” for Christian Leaders - an affordable one-week (7 nights) vacation stay for $299.

Learn how to take advantage of this rare opportunity at www.QWaters.org and practice a little balance in your life.

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