27/9/2019 by
Jonathan Wilson

The DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative Core Values of Accountability and Interdependence were the focus of a day-long content development meeting for Principios Para el Bienestar Pastoral (Principles for Pastoral Wellbeing), DVULI's stand-alone training for first-generation Hispanic pastors. Esperanza Martinez (Miami 2007) and Ruben Ortiz (Philadelphia 2012) met in Grand Rapids, Michigan with local pastors to help frame training concepts for the second module of the curriculum, which is taught entirely in Spanish.

The participants represented Central American, South American, and Caribbean countries. DVULI staff member Zoraida Velez, who organized the content development meeting, said, "It is important to have multiple countries represented because of the variety and diversity of the Hispanic community. The concepts covered in the training may have different meanings for different participants based on the context of their native countries." 

When Principios first launched in 2015, the training covered the Core Values of Balance and Empowerment. After seeing the measurable success of the trainings in Philadelphia, Miami, and Los Angeles; adding Accountability and Interdependence seemed logical.

The next steps involve sharing what was developed with the DVULI Hispanic Alumni Advisory Committee and finalizing the training. The goal is to conduct a pilot training of the new material in Philadelphia, PA in the spring of 2020.

"We are very blessed to have alumni who are committed to the integrity of our curriculum and have the vision to share their knowledge with first-generation Hispanic pastors who may not have access to resources in their own language." Zoraida said.

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