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Marvin Jacobo (YFC 2009)

As I sat in a restaurant with a mentor one morning, he challenged me to take responsibility for growing the habits of a life-long learner. He asked, “Young people will ‘drink’ out of your life. Do you want them to drink out of a stagnant pool or a fresh brook?”

As leaders, we have a responsibility to keep ‘fresh’ personally and professionally. Those whom God has entrusted to us are drinking from our lives.

Keeping in mind this challenge to be a life-long learner, I’ve found Multipliers by Liz Wiseman a rewarding read on my own or with a small group. The book “unearths and explains why some leaders create genius all around them while other leaders drain intelligence and capability from an organization”. Ms. Wiseman highlights two types of leaders: “Multipliers,” those who see, use, and grow the intelligence of others, while other leaders, whom she labels “Diminishers,” shut down the smarts of those around them. Can you identify yourself?

I’ve discovered, as I’m walking through this book with one of my co-workers, that I have shown the traits of being an “accidental diminisher.” Despite my best intentions, I can be a hindrance to the vital learning people need to be successful.

This is a book to immerse yourself in if you desire to be a “multiplier,” a leader who helps the people around them discover, develop, and maximize their God-given potential.

Available at: http://multipliersbooks.com/

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