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Rachel Weaver

Participating in the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative is a transformative leadership experience, both personally and professionally. We challenge our participants to step back and look at the big picture to find small changes in areas of their lives and ministry where real change and breakthrough can take place. Using the Core Values and skills they learned during the 15-month leadership development training, participants develop a foundation and vision to carry out their ministries at a new level of effectiveness. They also write a Breakthrough Plan.

Breakthrough is a strategic, significant, sustainable change in the way you live and work, and Breakthrough Leadership is implementing a strategy to empower others for ministry with urban youth.

Our 2018 participants recently completed their Breakthrough Plans. The culmination of 15-months of hard work, their plans showed the transformational change that has already begun in their lives and ministries.

“I’m seeing people differently now. We are equally necessary to fulfill the task presented to us. I used to think I was the only one who was going to change the ministry, but I could not have been more wrong. It is God who gave us the vision, and it is He who is equipping us to work together”
– Miami 2018 participant

“The Initiative has challenged me to locate myself in my thoughts and actions. I am more patient, understanding, and have a broader perspective on so many levels. The Initiative has the unique ability to question how I see things, what has impacted me to see it that way, and why do I see it that way. I believe this entire process is about everyone understanding themselves and others.”
– Twin Cities 2018 participant

“I am still learning how to say no, but I have improved significantly. I am more intentional about using a planner and my friends say that I am more reliable and that I seem happier.”
– Pittsburgh 2018 participant

“The Initiative helped me embrace my calling while welcoming support, strategic planning, and the importance of self-care while becoming a more effective leader.”
–Youth for Christ 2018 participant

“Relationships have become a lot more meaningful and two-fold to me when I consider ministry development because interdependence and leverage for the kingdom of God are major factors to growth. I need to make myself more open for relationship and make it a point to invest time into being intentional  about meeting new people and not do what seems more convenient to me always.”
                                                                                       –Houston 2018 participant

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