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Ron Carter

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Millennials in the Workplace
An interview with Simon Sinek by Inside Quest

Millennials are often accused of being tough to manage, narcissist, unfocused, and lazy. And the bigger accusation is that they think they're ENTITLED. A non-Millennial might voice an, "Amen" to that!

Assuming the accusations are true, have you ever asked yourself, "Why are Millennials like that?" Simon Sinek-author of the book Start with Why -explores this question in an interview titled Millennials in the Workplace. This video found on YouTube offers a compelling look at the reality of a generation (born after 1984) who are increasingly unaware about the importance of forming deep meaningful relationships and how technology and social media may be hardwiring them to embrace superficiality. 

As the parent of a Millennial, I found Sinek's insights thought-provoking and very helpful. Perhaps you will too!

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