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Angela Reeves (Chicago 2002)

As a Young Life staff person for (a combined) 19 years, I’ve found that counseling youth is inevitable. In doing so, not only do I have to lean on God and the power of His Spirit, but I have also looked to a very valuable and supportive resource in Hope for The Heart: A Biblical Counseling Ministry by June Hunt.  

This series is an effective resource for youth workers because it offers Biblical tools that provide the leader the advantage of viewing life from a wider perspective, as they empower individuals and families to reach their God-given potential. Youth leaders will learn the essence of building solid relationships (which is essential in partnering with youth and families) and offering practical solutions to many of life's daily struggles.

The series emphasizes reconciliation and restoration. It will challenge leaders to become more compassionate in reflective listening, understanding the challenges of young people, and problem solving while encouraging the leader to develop a deeper level of insight and spiritual maturity. Hope for The Heart is a multi-faceted approach to understanding and addressing the complex needs of others and accounts for all four dimensions of personhood created by God (physical, social, psychological and spiritual). 

Those who use this tool will learn or rediscover that there is an intrinsic value, dignity and strength within our youth and their families – despite their problems. Over the years this series has helped me become more effective as an instrument in the hands of God! It continues to be a life-saver for me and others. 

Visit http://www.hopefortheheart.org

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