27/3/2020 by
Jessica Taylor (Portland 2013)

Over seven years ago, I wrote my breakthrough plan. In it, I committed to keeping a journal each day. When I discovered the Day One Journal app, I have not stopped using it to journal daily. 

The app allows you to attach photos from the day and set reminders. It allows speech to text, is password protected, and lets you journal from your phone or laptop. If you miss a day, the app shows an icon that "inspires" you to return and complete the entry for the day prior. Now I have a journaling streak that I won't let die—a new habit that is breathing life into me. 

The basic version is free, and the paid version is around $35 per year. Check it out at dayoneapp.com, and your excuse to not journal will melt away. If you like the analog version better, DVULI still gives new paper journals once you've filled your old one. So, contact your liaison if you're app averse but still want to implement or maintain this discipline into your life. I promise you won't regret it.


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