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Rachel Weaver

Pack much? Emotional baggage, who isn’t carrying at least one fanny pack? Collecting baggage from media, pop culture, and other people, including peers, pastors, and even parents, comes with life. These sources of external messages can quickly influence how we feel about ourselves, our bodies, and our identities – and this most noticeably happens in childhood and adolescence.

“Kids arrive in your youth group with a load of body-image and identity baggage. The question is, how will you answer that?” asks Walt Mueller, founder and president of the Center for Parent Youth Understanding (CPYU.org) and author of “Body Image Pressures,” an online article on the YouthWorker website.

While young people come with baggage, unfortunately, they don’t also come with manuals. Mueller offers six valuable steps to help your youth manage body image pressure. He says, “As youth workers, we are called not only to live counter-culturally as we find our identities in Jesus Christ rather than in the image in the mirror, but we also are called to nurture our kids into doing the same.”

Take a few moments to read and reflect on this interesting piece:

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