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Reunion 2016 – September 14-17 – Pittsburgh, PA at the Wyndham Grand | Downtown Pittsburgh Read more
If you think Millennials are not into Jesus or His Word, think again. Recently, the Legacy Conference, an urban leader training event, attracted some 1,800 ethnically diverse young adults, representing 35 cities and... Read more
An article published in New York Daily News featured the new Emoji Bible. Our DVULI Think Tank offered mixed reactions to the question: is an Emoji Bible for Millennials moving culture too forward? Marshall My initial... Read more
In a highly sexualized culture how does an urban Christian leader model and maintain sexual integrity? The DVULI 2016 Think Tank dialogued about this hot topic that will also be addressed at Reunion 2016 in September... Read more
Engineers of Virtual Reality (VR) believe they have their hands on making the world a better place. VR could affect how children are educated. It may also impact the way humans manage sickness and pain, or even enjoy... Read more
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