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Hear the latest versions of the DVULI Five Core Values and Healthy Change presentations from the 2014 First National Conference Orlando. Logon the DVULI website and see if there’s a fresh change for you. Read more
We are welcoming Cynthia Burton (San Diego 2000) to the lineup of city Liaisons. Cynthia is assigned to Fresno, Los Angeles and San Diego. In her role as liaison, Cynthia will provide direction for proposed follow up... Read more
Last May seven Chicago area youth graduated from the Chicago Initiative on Leadership (CHIL) for Youth. It was the inaugural cohort organized by Chicago based DVULI grads with the support of Grand Rapids alumnus Denise... Read more
Fresno, CA and Newark, NJ have been added to the DVULI family, hiking the total number of DeVos cities to 35. Joining them in 2014 will be Cincinnati for a second round of training, Atlanta and Seattle/Tacoma for their... Read more
Focus of 2013 National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast For twelve years the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast and Conference has been the primary Hispanic, faith-based gathering in Washington, DC. It convenes some 750... Read more
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