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DVULI is excited to announce the following presenters will join our 20 Year Celebration at Reunion 2019 in Phoenix, AZ May 1-4. Chris Brooks A.C. Green D.A. Horton Brian Jenkins Lucas Leys Gordon and Gail MacDonald... Read more
Reunion 2019 Contest Details Below are nearly* all the facts you'll need to enter the Reunion 2019 Contest. (*It wouldn't be a contest if we didn't make it a little challenging, right?) Who: All DVULI alumni What: The... Read more
*/ Dear DVULI Family, We have a gift for you! We are always looking for ways to serve you that will help as we encourage the integration of our faith with our learning, living and leading. One helpful resource we’d like... Read more
Post by DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative . Read more
As we celebrate the Savior’s birth, our prayer is that you and your family will enjoy greater love, joy, and peace throughout this season and all year long. Even amid the hopelessness in our world, remember that Christ... Read more
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