Simply put, the outcome of our program is this: Healthy and balanced leaders who are growing inwardly towards their full potential. Leaders who are better able to deal with the stresses and demands that come with helping youth to become positive influences in their families and communities. Leaders who are equipped with new knowledge, open channels of communication, and a vibrant network of support to help them fulfill their God-given callings.


Upon graduating from DVULI, our participants receive a hard-earned certificate that is recognized nationally in the youth ministry field for the rigor and excellence that it represents. 

In addition to our certificate, we have partnered with some accredited institutions that allow further certification and credit that can be used towards a degree program. 


In July 2006, the DeVos Family Foundations asked Andrews University and Calvin College to conduct a ten-year evaluation of DVULI to see if our results were matching up with our program goals. Here are some of the findings from that study: 

Personal Transformation
Vision & Mission
Vocational Impact

We at DVULI share your passion for urban youth ministry. Our hope is that our program will not only fuel that passion, but that it will transform how you shape your life and your ministry. We want to equip you with the tools that will help you to achieve your mission.