To make a positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged,
urban youth by investing in their leaders.


Healthy Leaders

  • The Need: To reduce the burnout rate; To reduce the turnover rate
  • The Response: To equip individuals called to work with youth with the personal and spiritual disciplines needed to remain in ministry for the long term.

Healthy Organizations

  • The Need: To develop skills for ministry; To address the lack of effective support systems
  • The Response: To provide knowledge, skills and tools that promote healthy ministry organizations. To promote the value of developing and equipping leaders and youth as leaders, inside and outside the ministry.

Healthy Communities

  • The Need: To reduce the sense of isolation; To address the lack of positive models for partnering
  • The Response: To support the development of a shared vision amongst those who have a passion for youth and to encourage them to work with others to determine, “What kinds of things can we do better together than alone?”